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    JBD Flag 2017

The Junior Blue Devils Football & Cheer programs have been developed to provide the East Greenbush community with football & cheer programs that are exciting, enthusiastic, and aligned with the goals and mission of Columbia High School.

- Enjoy more summer vacation with later start dates
- More focus on technique and fundamentals of the game
- More 1-to1 coaching (better individual development)
- Competitive 8-game schedule against school-associated teams
- Low cost compared to other leagues in the area
- GREAT family atmosphere
-Enjoy watching your child play and be a part of the team
- NO registration fee for football due until August
- Registration has increased almost 72% in our first 3 years!!!!

Our league is based on the principles that every childĀ can learn and play the sport of football, regardless of experience or size. Children shouldn't be penalized from playing a sport that they like because a league says that they're too heavy! (These statements lead to eating disorders and health issues in minors.)

Teams follow NYS' Modified Football rules focusing on the fundamentals & development of each player of the game.

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